As a rice farmer few things you should know

Rice is the staple food in Sri Lanka, cultivated since known time. Sri Lanka primary form of agriculture is rice production. Rice is cultivated during Maha and Yala seasons. And also it is the major field crop in here. We are almost self-sufficient in rice with the evolution of fertilizer responsive rice varieties but not sustaining. 

Climatic and soil requirements

  • Rice can be cultivated up to sea level 3000 m in both temperate and tropical regions.
  • Temperature range 15 – 20 0C to humid tropics and 35 0C to sub tropics are more suitable for better production.
  • Well distributed rain fall is needed. Also it can be cultivated in wide range of clay and loamy clay soil with pH 4.5 – 7.5.

Categories of rice

  • According to water level
  1. Upland
  2. Lowland
  3. Submerged
  4. Deep water floating
  • According to the soil type
  1. Upland
  2. Lowland
  3. Saline
  4. Alkaline
  5. Acid sulphates
  6. Iron toxic
  • According to the ecological regions
  1. Indica
  2. Japonica

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