FINGER MILLET (Eleucine coracana) Introduction, Climatic and soil requirements


Finger millet also knows a grain crop next to rice and maize in Sri Lanka.This is a hardy popular food and wonder is valued as staple food. It is also known as dry land crop cultivated in both tropical and sub-tropical regions and mainly cultivated in dry zone. The seeds, which may be white, light brown, or dark brown, are consumed in a variety of forms including as unleavened bread made from milled flour. Various types of porridge and alcoholic beverages are also prepared from the seeds.   

Climatic and soil requirements

Finger millet is an important crop grown in rain fed uplands in the Dry zone and Intermediate zone. Finger millet grows well in all well – drained soils, but silt loams are the most desirable. It grows well on reddish brown earth, calcic red yellow latasols and sandy regosols.

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