Finger Millet- Seed rate, Spacing,Land preparation

Seed Rate

  • Broadcasting  :- 6 – 8 kg/ha
  • Row seeding   :- 3 – 4 kg/ha
  • Transplanting :- 2 – 3 kg/ha


  • Broadcasting: – Millets are commonly sown by broadcasting.
  • Row seeding   : – Sow seeds thinly in rows 30 cm apart for final spacing of one plant every 10 – 15 cm.
  • Transplanting: – 20 – 25 days old seedlings can be transplanted in rows 30 cm apart for a final spacing of one plant every 10 – 15 cm.

Land preparation

The land was deeply ploughed and tilled finely. Then broadcasting and row seeding were practiced. Millets are traditionally grown on newly cleared chena during Maha season and are usually planted without land preparation. Higher yields can be obtained in cultivated fields if the soil is worked to a fine tilth with a disk harrow or mammoth. In uplands, seeds should be planted in moist soil and have to protect it from biological hazards. The raised beds or the basin systems can be adapted for irrigation.

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