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Irrigation management

With 4 days interval. It is important till flowering, because to get good harvest. It is essential up to 46 weeks. During dry periods, irrigations are required every 4 – 7 days depending on the severity of the drought and type of soil.

Weed management

Weeds could be controlled by manual methods such as weeding and application pre and post emergent weed killers. Crops need to be maintained weed free at least until flowering stage.


Harvest as row corn or totally dried. Row corn we can harvest after 70 – 75 days. Correct maturity stage is, when the tussle become black in color. Crops are harvested shelled and clean manually when grain moisture is low and after physiological maturity is reached. Seed moisture is lowered by sun drying to a safer level before shelling the seeds.

Post-harvest technologies and food technologies

As post-harvest facilities are yet to develop, except seed that need special attention and storage conditions. Commercial grains are disposed as quickly as possible to avoid wastage by pest and diseases. As a result a fair priced to most products. About 75% of maize and sorghum are used in feed production.

Pest and diseases


Stem borer


  • Root and stalk rots
  • Leaf blight
Stem Borer

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