MAIZE (Zea mays) Climatic and soil requirements For better Results

Maize is one of the most important coarse grain and a major field crop fulfill food requirements in Sri Lanka. It has around 30 000 ha of land area devoted annually. It accompanies second highest extent of land next to rice. Our annual maize requirement is about 200 000 Mt.

Climatic and soil requirements

  • Deep, loamy, fertile soils, rich in organic matter, pH range 5.3 ā€“ 6.3 are preferred for satisfactory growth.
  • Well drained soils with adequate moisture supply are required.
  • Maize is grown as rain fed and irrigated.

Maha ā€“ latter part of September and October.

Yala ā€“ beginning of April, but farmer practice at later part of April.

  • They can be planted in Maha similarly, as with other major crops that need 3 months to mature and a longer rainy season for uninterrupted growth.

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