Rice – Irrigation management, Weed management, Harvesting, Pest and Diseases

Irrigation management

Standing water management is a misconception. It helps for weed management. Water table should be maintained at field capacity. 2 – 3 inches throughout period of growth from 3 – 4 days after transplanting is important. Mid-season drainage is important for soil aeration. Moisture requirement is critical during the period of panicle initiation to maturity. Complete drainage is necessary after milk stage for grain maturity.

Weed management

Commence around 2 weeks after planting and continuous up to 5 – 8 weeks by using manual, cultural, mechanical, chemical and integrated methods. First 30 days are important. Can reduce the yield by competition.


Post-harvest loss is 10 – 15%. Harvest when spikelet are yellow in color, not the leaves. Can be used a reaper or manually by a sickle. Use tarpaulin to thresh by tractor or manual. Use fresh gunny bags. Dry to 12 – 13% moisture. Avoid rainy days.

Pest and Diseases

Major pests

  • Brown plant hopper (BPH)
  • Gall midge
  • Yellow stem borer

Other pests of paddy cultivation

  • Rice leaf hopper
  • Trips
  • Paddy bug
  • Rice whorl maggot
  • Mole cricket

Diseases of paddy

  • Bacterial leaf blight
  • Leaf streak
  • Foot rot
  • Rice blast
  • Sheath blight
  • Grassy stunt (Viral disease)
  • Tungro (Viral disease)

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