BLACK GRAM – irrigation management,weed management, harvesting pest and diseases

  • Irrigation management

Proper soil moisture is important good and uniform germination (first 3 weeks). In dry condition, water supply should be done at 4 days interval. After 3 weeks, irrigation should be done at 7 days interval. When pod became mature water supply should be stopped. Sufficient moisture is essential during germination, flowering and seed filling stage.

  • Weed management

Keep the crop free of weeds in first 6 weeks till seedling emergence, and until the canopy is established. Before top dressing application weeding should be done. If there are more weeds regular weeding should be practiced in 2 weeks interval.

  • Harvesting

Timely harvesting is important to minimize pest attack. Black gram pods are non-shattering, should be harvested when all pods turn black and can harvest once by removing the whole plant. Yield is 1650 ā€“ 2000 kg/ha. Harvesting should be done when 90% of the pods turned black color. Cut the plants using sickle and keep one day in the field to dry. Then thresh using a thresher or by a tractor. Separate and clean the seeds and dry 1 ā€“ 2 days.

  • Pest and diseases
  1. Flea beetle
  2. Aphids
  3. Bean fly
  4. Pod borer 
    Flea beetle
    Bean fly


  • Collar rot
  • Fungal wilt
  • Cercospora leaf spot
  • Mildew

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