GREEN GRAM – Irrigation management,Weed management,Harvesting,Pest and diseases

Irrigation management

Green gram flower

Irrigation should be done once in every 4 days during the first month, and then 6 – 7 days interval. Irrigation should be stopped nearly 3 weeks before harvesting. In flat bed planting, flood the beds. In ridge and furrow and raised bed systems flood the furrows. Moisture stress must be avoided during flowering and pod filling.

Weed management

Green gram pods

Apply suitable pre emergence herbicide first after planting and weed the land 2 – 3 weeks before and 4 – 5 weeks after planting.



Harvesting can be done manually and mechanically

Pest and diseases


  • Flea beetle
  • Aphids
  • Bean fly
  • Pod borer


  • Collar rot
  • Fungal wilt
  • Cercospora leaf spot
  • Mildew

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