Specification of Anthuriyum ;Crystal Anthurium,Baker’s  Anthurium,Anthurium “Fruffles”

Crystal Anthurium (Anthurium crystallinum)

Anthurium crystallinum is one of angiosperm in the family Araceae, Which indigenous to rain forest margins in Central and South America, from Panama to Peru. It has Large, heart shaped, deep green, velvety leaves with prominent white veins. Sometime leaf color can be variegated. The inflorescence is a green, green or yellow spathes and pale green spadix. All part of plant contain calcium oxalate crystals

Baker’s  Anthurium

Baker’s anthurium is a tree-dwelling flower plant rare among other Anthurium species found in the tropical, wet forests from Guatemala to Colombia. It has Upper surface matte leaves of green with reddish-brown lower surface. Leaves erect to spreading and Yellow-green spathe with red margins on some clones. Its flowers have a creamy white, nearly cylindrical spadix. A long column of red berries is produced following insect polling.

Anthurium “Fruffles’’(Anthurium plowmanii)

Anthurium “Fruffles’’ (Anthurium plowmanii) generally considered as bird nest form. Anthurium “Fruffles’’ are very convenient to grow tropical plants what require little nourish indoors or out. The leaves stand orthotropic but may spread laterally in a rosette fashion. The leaf blade is leathery and they are broadcast near the center. The spathe violet purple or green tinged with purple.

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